Village Government Structure

Dalton, Ohio, is incorporated as a village in the State of Ohio. Village offices are housed in the century-old Village Hall in Dalton’s village square.

Every four years, the village elects its mayor. As Chief Executive Officer of the Village, the mayor brings the gavel down on monthly village council meetings and as Chief Village Peace Officer, he or she sees that ordinances, bylaws and resolutions of council are enforced.

The Council is made up of six elected members, each serving an “at large” position for four years. Council
meets the second Monday of each month at 7:30pm in the Village Hall. All meetings are open to the public.

The village clerk/treasurer serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Dalton while the full-time village administrative assistant keeps track of park scheduling and a myriad of other essential daily details. A village tax administrator collects the one-percent local income tax that keeps things running smoothly.

Dalton’s Board of Public Affairs consists of three members who meet the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in Village Hall. The village is also served by the park board, the cemetery board, the planning commission and the tree commission. Members are appointed by the mayor or by council. The groups provide recommendations to Village Council.

Mayor Judy Cox
Village of Dalton, Mayor (10)

Cheryl Drew
Clerk-Treasurer (06)


Important Village Numbers:

Emergency Services: 911
Dalton Village Hall: 330-828-2221
Dalton Police Dispatch: 330.828.2234
Dalton Fire Department: 330-828-8236
Water and Sewer Department: 330-828-2182
Street Department: 330.828.0082
Tax Administration: 330-828-2221
Village Clerk: 330-828-2221
Dalton Post Office: 330.828.2004
Village Fax: 330.828.8346

Village of Dalton Ohio Website


Current Council Members:

Tom Gregory (13)

Terry Johns(13)

Greg Kutz (13) 

Patrick Sword (13)   

Steve Gerber (15) 

Diana Rodi-Barbera(15)

For other Village Committee members and numbers call the Town Hall: 330.828.2221

Board of Trustees of Public Affairs:

Dennis Finley (2015)

Paul Rozler  (2015

John Hisey (2013)